Why Choose Hopper Self Storage?

Our Commitment to The Best, Most Convenient Storage

Hopper Self-Storage is committed to being the most convenient, secure, and professional storage solution in your neighborhood. We’re the leading provider of affordable storage units for your personal and business storage needs. At Hopper Self-Storage, we care about you and the safekeeping of the things that are important to you. That’s why we offer a wide variety of storage units and sizes in your neighborhood with no obligation or long-term commitment. Store extra inventory, files, records, products, office furniture, and whatever you need to help your business grow—without growing clutter in your home.  And with our contactless e-Rental, you can pick the perfect space for you online and move in right away. There’s officially nothing standing in the way of you cleaning out the garage. (Not sure if that’s good news or bad news.) 

Why Use Hopper Self-Storage Units? 

We make spacious living possible for you! Here are the types of storage we serve:

Residential Storage

  • Seasonal storage

From hunting gear, and camping gear to seasonal holiday decor, consider this your spare room away from home. 

  • Remodeling

Make way for your new kitchen, bathroom, or whatever else you're dreaming up—we’ll store your plates and your products.

  • Moving

If the contents of your home need a layover, there’s no better destination than here.

  • Military deployment

We’ll protect and store your things while you protect and serve our country.

  • Hobbies or delicate needs

Store your vintage clothing, sports gear, and antiques in one secure place for safekeeping. 

  • Extra furniture storage

Don’t feel guilty hanging onto those family heirloom pieces that you don’t have room for. They’ll be here when you need them.  

Commercial Storage

E-commerce warehousing can be easy, scalable, and cost-effective. If you are running an online store needing flexible warehouse space to rent, we offer commercial storage of all sizes to securely store your merchandise. You can easily start small and scale up without breaking a sweat by renting larger units equipped with electricity at our facility when you expand your business. 

  • Archive storage

Don't waste your valuable office space storing old boxes of records. No need to spend on expensive warehousing either. We are the affordable extension of your office for storing business records.

  • Equipment tools

If you have equipment or tools not in use, store them with Hopper Self Storage! They are safe with us and you can confidently do all your business projects, regardless of contracting jobs, cleaning services, landscaping, or cabinet work.

  • Sample storage

Don't let boxes of medical or business samples stack up in your office. Store them with Hopper Self Storage.

  • Marketing Materials - Just like those boxes of samples, marketing flyers can take up valuable office space. 

Student Storage

  • Seasonal storage

Headed home for the summer? Score one of our affordable, month-to-month storage units to keep your things safe near campus. 

  • Moving

If your leases don’t line up, we’ve got month-to-month storage and low prices. 

  • Study abroad 

Bon, voyage! While you’re summering in Europe, we’ll hang onto your things so they’re waiting for you when you get back. 

  • Small spaces

You may not have room for Mom and Dad’s hand-me-down couch or dining room table in your dorm room, but it’ll be here when you need it for next year’s off-campus apartment. 

Check Out Our Storage Location Near You

If you’re ready to start storing today, visit our site and watch our size guide videos to find the perfect space for you at the easiest drive-up storage solution in town. Give us a call or just swing by and visit our facility today and we'll show you the storage options available to accommodate your needs!